Friday, August 4, 2017

Making Goat's Milk Soap Without Scorching It

Hi ya'll!! Yes,  it has definitely been a while since I posted. Today, I am sharing how to make your goat's milk soap without scorching it. 

I recently started to make soap and I am loving it. My favorite so far is goat's milk soap. I love the richness of this soap...and how it feels on my skin. This for me is what gives me so much pleasure in making it. Plus there is the added comfort of knowing what exactly is in the product that I am putting on my body. I am not a pro at this, but I do believe that I have pretty good handle on making this rich delicate soap without scorching. So, I thought I would share what I have learned.

Goat's Milk has great benefits for the skin. As I said before, it is very rich...which means it is very terms means that it is great for dry skin. I have very dry skin...and found that when I bathe with goat milk soap...I don't have to apply lotion... That is definitely a plus for me. Goat's milk soap is also great for sensitive skin and or for skin conditions such as psoriasis. 

Goat's milk has a natural sugar in it...and when it comes in contact with the sodium hydroxide, this causes it to really heat up...thus causing it to scorch. You definitely want to avoid this if at all possible. Because this will cause it to turn a orange color and give off an ammonia  like smell. I don't know about you, but I like to see the creaminess of the keeping close to it's natural color as possible.  

Now, onto how I achieve this.
 The first thing I do is ....I measure out how much goat's milk  I will be using in my soap recipe. Then I place  it into a freezer bag...removing as much air as possible.... and then place it in the freezer to freeze overnight.

Next, I remove my goat's milk from the freezer and place it in my bowl. By now, I have also already measured out my sodium hydroxide as well. I  then take a larger bowl and place a few ice cubes  in it. I place my bowl with the goat's milk inside the bowl with the ice cubes.  I am sorry about the blurriness of the photos.

Next, I start to slowly pour the sodium hydroxide onto my goat's milk ...continually stirring while I am pouring. You want to really take your time with this... The slower you add the lye the better. I even take breaks and utilize this time to prepare my oils.  and other ingredients. I pour a little bit stir then stop...taking a break. This process probably takes me about 30 minutes. You are preventing your soap from heating up too fast thus preventing it from scorching. Also, the ice baths helps to cool it down. This will give you a creamy looking bar of soap.

I hope this helps any one that is looking to make their own goat's milk soap. And if you   try it, please let me know how it works out for you.  And for any one that is looking to purchase goat's milk soap...this soap will be available to purchase here at my Etsy store in  about 4 weeks. 

P.S. Another tip: Immediately placing the soap into the freezer will prevent it from going through the gel phase. If you notice mine had started to gel before I got it in the freezer. So, you will need to work fast to totally prevent this.

Thanks so much fro stopping by.

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