Wednesday, October 4, 2017

DIY Natural Homemade Hair Shampoo Bar

Hello ya'll!!! Today, I am sharing how I actually made natural hair shampoo bars.

For most of my life I have used shampoos that I had no idea of what was in it. And my hair has never been healthy because... Oh, and no it was not just the was other products as well. One day I checked the ingredients on the bottle of the shampoo I was using on my hair...and most of it I couldn't even pronounce... I knew that was good. So, I ventured on creating what I feel is a safer and healthier shampoo for my head and scalp. So, it feels awesome to be able to make a shampoo that I control. I know what is in it...because I made it. And I know that it is good for my hair. 

As I have gotten older, my hair has started to thin... Actually, I attribute the thinning to aging... However, it just might be because of products that I have used, diseases, medication and bad eating habits... All of those things can play a role in the health of our hair and our body.

After, some research, I came up with a recipe that I felt would benefit my hair type...  And now I am sharing this with you... In hopes that you will do the same...

Ingredients I used:

Coconut Oil- Can help prevent protein loss. It is filled with vitamin and minerals. I actually use coconut oil directly on my hair..... and love the results I get.
Olive Oil- Even though olive oil has no cleaning affect it is very moisturizing. It is rich in vitamin A and E.
Shea Butter- It is a natural conditional. This is great for dry hair
Castor Oil- Is great for strengthening hair and helps prevent thinning and cleansing.
Palm Oil- Is great for cleansing.
Vitamin E- Acts as a preservative 
Milk Thistle- Believe to prevent hair loss and conditions 
Goat's Milk - Great for moisturizing the hair... and has proteins.
Rosemary Oil- Great for hair loss...

This is what I have found out about these products. These are just some of the benefits of the products.

Hair Wash
This is me trying my new hair shampoo... 

This shampoo felt so good on my hair and my scalp... I really enjoyed touching my hair. Other shampoos would strip my hair...and it would just feel so hard... and that's while it is still wet. However, my shampoo felt just the opposite and I rather enjoyed touching my hair... I didn't even have to apply condition on it... The conditioner was in the shampoo... I could feel that... So this saved me an extra step...ha!! Love it!!!

I made this soap using the hot process method... My first hot process soap.

Disclaimer: Everyone don't have the same results from products. So, what may work for me may not work for you.

These will be available for purchase...if anyone is my Etsy store...hopefully in the near future. I am seriously thinking about creating my own website to sell... Hopefully, I can cut down on the cost of shipping by doing this...I hate paying shipping charge... So, I am pretty sure most people do... I actually end up selling my Goat Milk soaps locally... But I will be putting more on Etsy. 

 I hope that this post will encourage you or motivate you to create your own hair products and/or consider what you are putting on and in your body.

P.S. I will be tweaking this I gain more knowledge... Even though, this recipe is good...I am sure it can be better.
The bar fits well inside your hand... So, it is easy to manage doing wash.

Thanks, so much for stopping by.

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