Friday, November 10, 2017

DIY Reversible Trumpet Vase

Hi ya'll!! I am back with what I think is a beautiful DIY reversible trumpet vase...hoping to inspire a bride to be... 

I don't know if ya'll remember this or not...over a year ago I was looking for vases to use to recreate a reversible trumpet vase that I wanted to use in my niece's wedding... If not...then you can find that post here.... Well, I finally found what I needed to do this... I was watching a you tuber video and bam...there is was... I thought I would have never thought of reason is because I don't drink beer... Any how...ya'll can find the video here.... 

When I was searching I knew what I wanted and needed...I just could not find it at a reasonable price... In my post I showed what I was going for...but decided also that vase was not quite it... Then I found the kind of vase I was looking for and had actually seen it before...but as I said it was more than what I wanted to pay...  Any how...this you tuber in my opinion idea is/was brilliant

To accomplish this project...this is what you are going to need...

2 Pilsner  glasses (beer glasses)
1 small fish bowl
thick sturdy plastic
Epoxy glue
X-acto knife


The first thing you need to do is remove all the labels from your glass... Use alcohol to clean them up. Next you will take a marker and trace the opening of your fish bowl onto the sturdy piece of plastic... Cut it out using an X-acto knife. You are going to use the plastic to cover the hole in the fish bowl. Then you will take the piece of plastic and apply glue all around the edge of the plastic and then place the plastic over the opening of the fish bowl... Allow that to dry over night... Make sure you use epoxy glue...I tried several types of glue and this is the only one I found to work on plastic. There is some glue specifically for plastic, but it is pretty costly... At least that's what I found it to be... The glue I used adheres very well... Next you will apply some glue onto the top of the plastic...and then turn the glass upside down and place it on top of the glass... Allow this to dry and then repeat the same process with the other glass. have a reversible trumpet vase for you wedding or for your home... You can leave it clear or you can give it whatever kind of finish you want...

The height is approximately 19 inches in height. 
I hope this bless someone... As always thanks so much for stopping by... 

P.S. If you don't feel up to task... Then you can actually purchased them at an awesome price at my Etsy store.



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